Who We Are

The Yawar Educational and Charitable Society (YECS) is a small group of people committed to assisting orphaned children, to clothe, feed, shelter and educate them in a way that radically changes the opportunities available to them and their life prospects. The Yawar Educational and Charitable Society provides full scholarships to educate, care for, and even house orphaned children of all ages at our flagship center, the Al-Falah Concept School, one of the premier private schools in the greater Hyderabad area.

YECS believes that nurturing care, a first class education, and an Islamic upbringing gives orphans a chance to not just survive but thrive and escape the oppression of perpetual, generational poverty and fulfill their fullest potentials, both in this world and the next.

YECS is founded upon and strives to uphold ideals of Islamic Service (Khidma), seeking to serve humanity seeking the face of God alone, with the excellence perscribed by the noble Tradition (Sunnah) of the Prophet Muhammad, God's peace and blessings be upon him.

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The YECS Difference

Rather than helping a large number of persons at subsistence levels, YECS focuses on providing the very best possible to the orphans in our care.  By ensuring we provide the best facilities, best schooling, best care, and best Islamic education, we give the orphans the best possible upbringing and best shot at future success.

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The Al Falah School

In order to care for orphans at the standard we required, we had to build a school to do it! In so doing, YECS founded and administers one of the most prestigious private schools in the greater Hyderabad area: The Al-Falah concept school. In a pristine setting on the outskirts of the city, the Al-Falah concept school combines excellent facilities, an innovative curriculum, with first rate instruction in both secular and religious studies. Open to the public on tuition, all YECS sponsored orphans have full scholarships to attend the school with their peers of all backgrounds, with the option to live on campus free of charge with room/board scholarships.

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YECS's primary operations are in Hyderabad India, through the Al-Falah School.  The location was chosen due to the founder having grown up there and due to the city's large population of impoverished Muslims.