About YECS

Who We Are

The Yawar Educational and Charitable Society (YECS) is a small group of people committed to assisting orphaned children, to clothe, feed, shelter and educate them in a way that radically changes the opportunities available to them and their life prospects. The Yawar Educational and Charitable Society provides full scholarships to educate, care for, and even house orphaned children of all ages at our flagship center, the Al-Falah Concept School, one of the premier private schools in the greater Hyderabad area.

YECS believes that nurturing care, a first class education, and an Islamic upbringing gives orphans a chance to not just survive but thrive and escape the oppression of perpetual, generational poverty and fulfill their fullest potentials, both in this world and the next.

YECS is founded upon and strives to uphold ideals of Islamic Service (Khidma), seeking to serve humanity seeking the face of God alone, with the excellence perscribed by the noble Tradition (Sunnah) of the Prophet Muhammad, God's peace and blessings be upon him.


The mission of the Yawar Educational and Charitable Society is to raise orphaned children charged in our care is if they were our own children. To do this, we are hereby committed:

i) to fulfill all physical, emotional, intellectual, and religious needs of Muslim orphans in Hyderabad, India and surrounding areas,
ii) to secure for them all basic necessities, such as clothing, food, shelter and the like,
iii) to provide them with a first class religious and secular education, and
iv) to prepare them to live productive, empowered, stable and religiously enlightened lives, for the sake of God.


The Yawar Educational and Charitable Society envisions a future where being an orphan is no longer a spiritual or socioeconomic disadvantage, where they can aspire to the perfect model of the Orphan Prophet, Mohammed, may God's peace and prayers be upon Him.