Al-Falah School: People

Dr. Fouzia Ali Khan (Ph.D.)

Head of School

A Ph.D. in education with over 3 decades of experience and the recipient of several awards and medals, Dr. Fouzia Ali Khan is a consummate educator who has dedicated her life to scholarship and the advancement of her students.

As former principal of Shaadan Women's College and former Dean of Azaan school, Dr. Khan brings a proven track record of success and leadership to her role as head of school.

In addition to her many qualifications, Dr. Khan brings a deep and total commitment to the project, having foregone retirement to commit fully to the school and the well being of the orphans.

Her passion for the school has become a family affair, with her son Prof. Zafar Ali Khan now the Associate Head of School, and 2 of his children themselves enrolled in the school.

Mufti Ahmed Obaidur Rahman Athar Nadvi

Director of Islamic Affairs

Trained as a Mufti at the renowned Mazahirul Uloom Seminary in Saharanpur, India, Mufti Obaidur Rahman brings years of experience as an imam, a caller to God (da'i), a scholar, and a teacher.

With several years of experience in religious education, Mufti Obaidur Rahman has expanded his work from being rector of a boy's madrasa in Hyderabad, to partnering with several female ulema to start a madrasa for women, as well as one of the founding members of Safa Kids, a YECS partner Islamic montessori school that caters to young kids and early childhood development.

Mufti Obaidur Rahman serves as the director of religious affairs, overseeing curriculum and staffing for all Hifz and Islamic Studies offered at Al-Falah School.

Professor Mohammed Zafar Ali Khan (Ph.D.)

Associate Head of School

A Gold Medal award winning engineer, owner of patents used in the first generation of 4G cellular technology, profesor and chair of the department of Electrical Engineering at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (Hyderabad), Professor Khan brings his formidable STEM background, detailed knowledge of Indian higher education, and personal commitment to excellence to his role as Associate Head of School.

Much like his mother, Dr. Fouzia Khan, Professor Khan brings a deep sense of service and commitment to the well being of orphans to his role, born of his dedication to the vision of advancing the cause of orphans, and his own religious convictions.