Al-Falah School

The Story Behind Al-Falah School

The YECS vision of educating orphans required a) a school with first class academics b) a facility that could house the orphans comfortably c) faculty and staff that we trusted to implement the vision of integrating the orphans and treating them as our own children.

In order to accomplish this, YECS purchased land in the pristine Towlichowki outskirts of Hyderabad to build a new school to fulfill our visit. Groundbreaking began of summer of 2008, and in June of 2010, Al Falah school was completed and began first operations.

Since those modest beginnings, Al-Falah School now boasts over 600 students in grades K-10, with nearly 200 orphans on full room/board/education YECS sponsorhips


Academics at the Al-Falah school feature experienced and caring teachers, the most effective didactic methods, and a proven track record of excellence.


The Al-Falah school boasts state of the art facilities to serve not only as a first-class school, but also as a home for the orphaned residents.



YECS has recruited leading local scholars and educators to develop and oversee operations of the Al-Falah School and see to the needs of the orphaned students.